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Privacy Policy


All the companies and online stores where you subscribe and provide your data have a "privacy policy." That is necessary because users need to know what they face when they put their data on a website. That has always been a very complicated issue since there are always high percentages of risks of identity theft or other similar crimes.

Before the high risks of these crimes, it is important that you, as a client, read this privacy policy literally and thus avoid inconveniences. Each online store has a web platform that contains a space where the necessary user data is explained in detail. In addition, the specific time and use that will give to any information you provide are also fully explained.

Not all websites that serve as a platform for online stores are the same since they all vary. is not an online store which is the exception to the fundamental rule of the privacy policy. Our online furniture store and many other things have a place on the official website where you can view everything we do.

The incredible security present on our official website means that you do not have to worry if something goes wrong; everything will be more than resolved. The privacy policies that are described in will always be updated for a long time. That happens to maintain order and advance the law itself, although internal improvements can achieve.

The most important policy for the official website is that data will collect each time you visit the site. This data collection aims to analyze which customers visit the site the most, their locations, and other aspects. All of this can be achieved through external means and has one main objective: to improve the merchandise that we have available to you.

If you place an order, the situation becomes a little more complicated since, previously, your data has already been collected indirectly. However, now you must provide them directly without any margin of error: email address, full name, address, telephone numbers, and other information. From this point, the situation becomes more personal, but you do not have to worry because the information you provide has a specific use: confirmations, payment processes, and contact.

Although the clients do not sufficiently value the samples, they are requested and require certain information: mail, address, telephone number, and name. This type of information will not use for other, unspecified purposes; the retention time is approximately ten years.

Forgetting by anyone on the platform always occurs, being a personal right of which none should be deprived. If there is a problem, you can get to report instantly, and your case will be a priority.

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